Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't Democrats Trust People to Rewrite the Constitution?

"Don't the Democrats trust the ordinary people of Hawai'i to rewrite the Constitution?"

Democratics don’t trust lobbiests and corporate agents to make good decisions…With good reason!

“Ordinary people” are out-spent and out maneuvered by these ruthless special interests who have nothing but their own greed powering them

That is not to say that there aren’t good-intentioned folks who have the best interests of our state at heart in favor of the ConCon. I’ve just seen what has happened in the U.S. lately and it hasn't gotten better, it has gotten much worse. Because honest and open people have no chance against the nonstop PR , pressure and double-dealing of the corporate interests.

And the only thing standing between these corporate forces and the total rape of Hawaii is our constitution.

We’re fighting a rearguard action just to hold on to those few protections we have.

An example of the double-dealing and deceptive practices of those who want to take away our constitutional protections is blatantly obvious if you visit Ed Case & Peter Kay’s so-called “neutral” site. They both favor the ConCon. They try hard to shush people who bring up inconvenient subjects like removing the section guaranteeing Hawaiian rights, putting in a Protection of Marriage clause (e.g. anti-gay marriage), removing the right of government workers to unionize. But that and removing the ban on nuclear plants is about all the specific suggestions that have come up on their site.

Everything else is all feel-good stuff about “improving education”, “streamlining government” but no one actually says what they want to change in the Constitution to accomplish these nebulous wishes.

Remember what they say about the “grass is greener”. If you have not read the constitution and see a specific section you want removed, modified or inserted, then asking for a ConCon is basically handing the process to those who have very STRONG ideas of what they want including making Hawaii a “right to work” state (anti-union), taking away our water and giving it to the big landowners, removing environmental protections, taking away Hawaiian entitlements, and just generally opening up the state to corporate looting.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Save the Hawai'i Constitution

Offshore Corporations Want to End Our Rights

Republican-led Constitutional Convention is a Sneak Attack on Your Right to:

Shoreline Access
Good Paying Union Jobs

Don't be fooled by the misleading slogans. Big money desperately wants to gut our constitution - and they can do it if we open the door to them with a Constitutional Convention (ConCon).

Water: A&B, Wailuku Water, ML&P and EMI all want you to believe that "Equal Access to Water" is a good thing. Sounds good, doesn't it? But the Hawai'i constitution already says that the people (that's you and me) own the water and lays out the use priorities. What so-called "equal access" will do is give the water to the big landowners and take it away from the people.

You think we have a hard time getting water now? At least now, we can go to court and get our water back. Once the Constitutionally guaranteed water hierarchy is gutted, we won't have a leg to stand on. Good-bye public water, hello big-land-owner water-gouging.

Shoreline Access: Think Hawaiian rights and entitlements are just for Hawaiians? Think again. Your right to visit beaches in front of hotels depends on the Constitutionally guaranteed Hawaiian rights. Without Hawaiian rights, the hotels and shoreline estates can close off access to the beaches like they do on the mainland.

Good Paying Jobs: Here's another deceptive slogan: "Right to Work". What that really means is right to be exploited, right to become a low-paid worker and right to lose your benefits because Right to Work is Union-busting. Multinational corporations want to get this so-called right to work language into the constitution so they can eliminate union jobs. Don't fall for their exploitive and deceptive words.

Protect Hawaii's Constitution
to Protect Your RIghts

Don't Be Fooled By Big-Money BS!

Vote NO on Con Con

Note: Watch out for a similarly named website that pretends to be neutral but is being sponsored by proConCon interests.